Sam + Cassandra's Engagement

I love getting together with couples before their big day for a little engagement, get-to-know-each other shoot. If there are any pre-shoot jitters (a totally normal thing to have), this "practice" shoot squashes every last one of them. And you'll recognize many of the poses we'll do during the engagement shoot on your big day.

Sam and Cassie had never done a photoshoot before, like ever, and getting in front of a lens can feel a little intimidating, I get it!! I've been there. Which is why every one of my shoots is built upon having a good time with movement-focused prompts like "drunk walks" and "sneak attacks" that bring out those true-to-you smiles we love. Sure, we might do a few staged PG poses for mom, but the boring stops there, promise.

So, Sam, Cassie, their brand new puppy, Bella, and I met at a gorgeous beach park in Mukilteo for a glowy golden hour engagement session. You know what's crazy? This was smack in the middle of wildfire season, which ended up creating a fun hazy and golden effect.

Pro tip: Kicking off the shoot with a pet or prop gives you something to focus on, which eases us into the session.

Once we snapped a couple of keepers with Bella, we focused on some fun couple shots before heading over to the lighthouse to get a little more intimate.